What materials do you need for #PaintBarLive ?

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What materials do you need for #PaintBarLive ?

What materials do you need for #PaintBarLive ?

Learn how to paint even if you've never painted before!

Nishka Mehta, a professional artist, makes it easy for you to paint or draw by giving you step by step instructions on how to paint a picture!

Materials Required :

  • Canvas / Thick Paper
  • Acrylic paints / Poster colours/ Water colours [ If you dont have these paints, feel free to use colour pencils, crayons, etc]
  • 3 Brushes - Small, Medium, Big
  • Bowl of Water
  • Waste cloth
  • Something to sip on so that this can be more fun :)

You can also purchase a kit here : https://live.paintbarblr.com/product/catalogue

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